Sailing in perfection. Comfortable, fast and stabile. This is the largest model of the luxury cruiser series at ITALIA YACHTS. The IY 15.98 offers plenty of space for dreams whereas all wishes are fulfilled. Constructed according to the latest knowledge in the field of hydrodynamics this luxury blue water cruiser is the result of several studies on the hulls and concepts including characters of the most beautiful sailing yachts produced in history. The IY 15.98 belongs to this class as she is an Italian beauty, a dream under sails.
Length over all: 16,60 m • Beam: 4,85 m • Draft: 2,90 m / 2,60 m • Displacement: 15,8 t

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Sealine auf der hanseboot 2017

vom 28.10. bis 05.11.
finden Sie die Sealine C330
in Halle B7 C140.
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Hanse Yachts auf der hanseboot 2017

vom 28.10. bis 05.11.
Hanse Yachts finden Sie mit einer
Hanse 315, 388, 418 und 455
in Halle B6 C108.
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Besichtigungen und Probefahrten

für die Delta 26 Open, 33 Open,
die Italia Yachts 13.98 und
Frauscher 858 Fantom und 747 Mirage.

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